Tuesday, 28 March 2017

So, now I'm officially a Self-Published Author....... + a surprise

I think the title of this post gives it all away really, A Pair of Pears is Officially available WORLDWIDE to all English language countries.

I am somewhat in a state of shock, even if it is just self published and I'm technically not a proper author yet. 

So what's next? 

Well it just so happens that I'm already writing another book, when it's finished I'm going to be submitting it to lit agents. In the mean time I have another novella planned, it is connected to A Pair of Pears and will be a prequel. Only instead of Charlie, It will be about Lily. 

That's all I can tell you now. 

A Pair of Pears is available only through Amazon at the moment. Im looking into possibly iBooks & Kobo in the future. 
I'll leave a list of links below, including the link to the Goodreads page. 

Thank you everyone for your support. Please please please if you enjoy it, leave me some positive reviews around the internet. 

Peace, Love, Rainbows and hugs. 





Sunday, 26 March 2017

Updates! - My book etc,

Hello my little Dandelions. 

It's been a while hasn't it? Most of you will know that last summer i wrote a Novella. Well, slowly over the last few months I've been editing as well as writing and doing other things. 
I am pleased to say that my books A Pair of Pears will be on Kindle & Paperback over the next few weeks. 
If any fellow bloggers would like a copy to talk about then you can email me at dandelionkymsamways@gmail.com and I'll hook you up. 
I've had friends help me with the editing process because I'm too poor to pay someone to edit it for me. I can assure you, It will have been tooth-combed vigorously. In fact, I'm making sure I read it through twice more beforehand. So everything has been done to make sure there are Zero mistakes, and I'm only pricing it at 99p so Y'know. 

Spring has finally sprung, so hopefully with the good weather I hope to be getting out a bit more and making some dandelion adventure video's which you can find over on my YouTube  
I hope everyone is doing alright, and I'll see you soon. 

Peace, Love, & Rainbows


Saturday, 11 March 2017

Suicide Solution - Short Story

Ok, I would just like to point out that these are not my own personal feelings. It's the last 500 words of a book I wrote over a year ago. I don't want the whole thing up online, and to be honest I've lost most of the files, so I've decided just to share the last 500 words as a short story. 

***Warning This contains graphic self-harm, death and drug references.***

Suicide Solution

Taylor screams as she flings open the door to their motel room. She knows she's likely to find Bella wasted, Bella can never stay away from the smack, especially after an argument.
Bella had always told Taylor she'd die young, Taylor knew deep down it was true. It would either be drugs or suicide, but she had spent these last few months thinking that she could save Bella. She put it to the side of her brain, she didn't want to think about it now, all she wanted to do was check that Bella hadn't taken too much smack.
Taylor notices the heel of Bella's foot poking around the side of the door to the bathroom, She rushes in, hoping to just find Bella on a high, but at she enters the bathroom she see's the river of blood flowing from the direction of Bella's wrists.
She already knows it's too late, there's blood matted in Bella's thick curly hair.
Taylor screams as she falls to the floor.
'You bitch!'
She stumbles forwards, kicking Bella's lifeless body out the way with her muddy converse so she can violently bring up the alcohol she had spent all night consuming.
Taylor lifts up the front of her t-shirt and uses it to wipe the traces of vomit from her mouth.
'You were supposed to take me with you.' She screams again.
Taylor wipes the tears from her face.
'I'm not letting us get discovered in a bathroom either.'
She places her arms under Bella's arms and drags her out of the room. She wipes her blood covered hands down the front of the t-shirt and lights up a cigarette while contemplating her next move.
She stares at Bella's lifeless body for hours, waiting until it's quiet enough outside for her to get her out with no-one noticing. She thinks about the memories they shared and that first moment she saw Bella dancing in the crowd as her band played, Taylor's life had been a whirlwind since then.
At just gone Three, Taylor drags Bella's cold body down the fire exit of the motel, with each thud of her lifeless body on the concrete steps there's a splat of blood. Taylor doesn't give a fuck, They'll both be gone by the time it gets discovered.
She bundles Bella's body into the back seat of her car, and dashes back to the room to make sure she has everything she needs.
She drives to the abandoned house on the hill, the one that had the gun at the party and the one where she first tried smack.
She parks up on the gravel by the small stone bridge and pulls Bella's body out onto the grass by the river, the spot where they first had sex. She lets go of Bella and sits next to her. She lights up for the last time.
Taylor pulls a pocket knife out from her converse and flips it up.
First, she digs into the vein in her left wrist, then the right. The blood trickles at first but then it starts to flow faster. She tightly wraps her arms around Bella and breathes in the metallic smell of the dried blood in her hair.
And she waits for her time. 

Saturday, 4 March 2017

Max Woodsmoke joins the Dandelion Clan

Introducing the newest addition to the dandelion clan..... 

Max Woodsmoke! 

After loosing Angus over the summer, we had originally decided that until we moved we were just going to have the pigs, Sweeney & Todd. 
The last few weeks however I've found myself getting very animal broody. This morning I was looking at rescue animals online and found Max. I fell in love with his picture instantly and knew he was the guy for us. 
I'm the sort to always have a spare animal cage for 'Just in case' So all we had to do was drive down there to see him and pay a donation to the adoption centre. It's a fast process for us these days, we've adopted so many over the years that they have us on their system. 

Max fortunately was well looked after in his previous home. His owner had become ill and had to go to hospital, I'm guessing there was nobody else around to look after him. he's just over a year old. 

If seeing him in person wasn't enough to convince me, As soon as the woman opened up his enclosure he wasn't shy, he was up sniffing around and was ready to come home to his forever home. 
They say you should leave them for 24hrs to settle in...... Settling in doesn't seem to be an issue. ....

Have a recent photo of Sweeney & Todd........

Sunday, 19 February 2017

Board of vision

A vision board is probably should have done a few months back when I first saw it in one of my yoga magazines. But! better late than never really. 

So what is a Vision Board? 

vision board is a tool used to help clarify, concentrate and maintain focus on a specific life goal. Literally, a vision board is any sort of board on which you display images that represent whatever you want to be, do or have in your life.

Obviously, my main goal in life is writing and taking photo's of things, but I created this one to help inspire me everyday to do the things that make me feel good. 
Mostly taking part of my mind, body & spirit, and trying to free myself from life hassles through yoga, meditation and crystal healing. 
It's placed in a place in my bedroom where I can see it everyday. I find that if I have that 'good push' each morning. It gets me well on my way! 

Peace <3 Rainbows, and always be kind to the goats.